Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Whiting Bite on the Beach Hot!

This from Nancy Hudson, fishing north of Main Beach, Fernandina Beach, Florida this week...
Hey Lawrence,

We went fishing again today after work about 30 mins before the tide changed. Fishing in the surf again with dead shrimp on the bottom at about 30 yards. Just like yesterday, the whiting bite was on from the second we threw out. We had 10 fish in less than 20 mins! We actually took our chairs with us and never did get a chance to sit down. Sometimes as soon as the hook hit the water we had a fish on. Doubled up 3 different times and had several that were bigger than average. The bite was constant until about an hour after the tide started coming in and then it just stopped. But we ended up with 38 and i believe we threw back 10 that were eating size but since we were catching so many we threw them back to catch again another day. We have fished 3 days since friday and in those three days we have a total of 94! I'm lovin it!!! Can't wait to get back out there tomorrow! Attached is todays pic.

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