Saturday, May 21, 2011

9.9 on the Great Day to Be Fishing Scale

Jimmy Hill of Statesboro, Georgia was visiting Amelia Island with his son Alex, a Pre-Med student taking a break from his studies.  We met at the Sawpit Boat Ramp at 7am just as the tide was hitting bottom and headed straight for Broward Island to fish the incoming tide.  We couldn't have asked for a better day as the temperature was still mild, no clouds and just a very little wind.  There were patches of fog but that soon burned off as the sun came up.  We started our troll along the log strewn island and it wasn't long before Alex had a firm hit on his 1/8 oz jig/live shrimp combo and the fight was on!  Alex played the fish perfectly and we soon netted the feisty Redfish.  Later, Jimmy hooked up with another Redfish and had a good battle.  We made a second pass of the island and when Jimmy yelled FISH ON,   Alex responded with FISH ON, too!  After the second pass we ran back to Seymore's Pointe where the first cast of a live shrimp under a float produced a strong hookup that Alex played perfectly, but the fish must have found one of the rocks to break off on.  Not to be deterred, Alex found another bite up near a dock piling and this time he prevailed, pulling in another Redfish.  We tried our luck at Bubble Gum Reef, then ran through Jackstaff to fish it's mouth where Jimmy briefly fought a Ladyfish, then we headed in, counting it as another great day to be out on the water!

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