Monday, June 20, 2011

One Shy of a Big Slam

Allan and Charmaine Wendroff, residents of Amelia Island, took in an Amelia Island backcountry fishing trip this afternoon.  The winds had shifted and the smoke from the Okefenokee fires had been pushed back to the west as we left the Atlantic Seafood dock at 3pm.  We headed over to Tiger Island and fished the log strewn bank as the tide began to drop from a 1pm high.  We tied up to a downed tree and fished back to some sunken tree branches with live shrimp on jigs and floats.  Both Charmaine and Allan had good bites and soon Allan had what felt like a concrete block on his line, but it was pulling back!  He played the fish perfectly and we soon netted a nice 20" Flounder!  We fished the entire bank, having a few bites, then headed up to Jolley River to a nice creek run-out.  The mullet were schooling and fish were feeding and soon Charmaine had a good bite.  She fought what turned out to be a big Trout to the boat and we almost had it netted when it made one final flip and threw the hook!  OUCH!   Luckily, not long after, Allan had a good bite and he eventually brought to the boat a nice 20" Trout.  He also had a line ripping run after a strong bite and the fish came out of the water a couple of times.  I knew it wasn't a Bonnethead and was hoping it was a huge Trout, but when Allan finally subdued it we found it to be a nice Black Tip Shark!  We fished another spot with no luck then headed in, counting it as another great day to be on the water!

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