Sunday, January 15, 2012

Braving the Elements

Saturday morning I fished with Leon and Sharon Freeman along with Charlie Jones, launching from the Goffinsville boat ramp just off the island.  We pulled away from the dock shortly after 8am with clear skies, temperature in the low 30's and a wind picking up.  Our first stop was Bubblegum Reef in the Horsehead area and we anchored at a drop off out from an old oyster bank.  Fishing straight down, it wasn't long before we began to get bites and soon Sharon had a strong hookup, and FISH ON!  She fought the big fish valiantly but it eventually found its way into some structure and cut itself off. OUCH!   We continued to fish and soon began to catch some nice Puppy Drum (Black Drum), catching 5-6 of them with two in the keeper range, above 14".  Leon picked up a few Sheepshead, too.  Eventually the bite slowed and the wind had picked up to about 15mph making it somewhat uncomfortable so we pulled anchor and headed to the shelter of Christopher Creek where we picked up a Slot sized Redfish.  We were pitching to the rocky shoreline hoping for a Trout to round out an Amelia Island Inshore Slam, but we didn't have a bite.  However, one angler who had been trolling the creek slowly said that he had about 6 Trout with a couple being keeper sized.  Back out in the wind  and with NFL football playoffs due to be on soon, so we headed in, counting it as another great day to be on the water!

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