Friday, November 15, 2013

BIG Red Tops On Early Morning Fishing Trip

Jay Bogdan was in town for work and we squeezed in a super early Amelia Island back country fishing trip this morning.  We met down at the Sawpit Creek boat ramp and launched the boat with a high tide pushing water up into the parking lot.  After running north up the Amelia River we eased off into Jackstaff and tossed a topwater lure with no luck.  We moved on up into the marsh, switched to live shrimp under a float and began to fish the flooded marsh grass.   We found a nice run out to fish and Jay began to hookup with hungry, hard fighting Seatrout.  He landed 5-6 in a nice flurry then as the bite slowed we moved on to fish a bank with the oysters beginning to show.  Jay commented it was his 3rd cast with a jig/shrimp combo and something bumped his bait then bit it hard, FISH ON!  This fish bulled down deep then rolled at the top, nd I knew it was a big Redfish!  Then the line went slack.  OUCH!  Fish Off?  Nope, he was running right at us!  Jay quickly reeled up the slack and he was back in action, keeping the pressure on the big fish.  We battled the fish down the creek with Jay going from bow to stern to midship to stern and back to midship before we landed the big 32 1/4" Redfish!  Boy what a fish fight!  This fish placed Jay in 3rd place in The Anglers Mark 2013 Bragging Rights Tournament(scroll down right side of this report for standings). We continued to fish the bank and it's runouts, had a few nibbles, then called it a day, another great day to be out on Amelia Island waters!


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Nice work Jay!! Looks like you had a great day of fishing!!
Congratulations to you and nice work Captain!

Abbey Inn Cedar said...

Such a great ways to start your day, catching such big red tops on early morning.

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