Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ice on the Windshield

We fished yesterday morning, Tom Gaslin, his wife Teresa and I, meeting down at the City marina at 8am. Earlier I had to stop my truck in the dark and scrape the ice off the windshield to continue the drive to the boat, but I knew it was going to be a sunny day with no real wind predicted and even though my truck thermometer was showing 29, I new it would be a great day to be fishing here at Amelia Island! Tom and Teresa were bundled up as recommended and we headed up to Egans Creek to do some dock piling fishing. The water temperature was just above 50, about 4 degrees cooler than a few days ago, and I think the fish were feeling it! Teresa had the hot rod and reeled in a hungry Seatrout and then a feisty Redfish. We made the run around to Tiger Island and fished the downed logs and almost immediately began to catch fish. More feisty Reds and Seatrout. We found that the Trout were out deep and would take a jig/shrimp but you had to fish it so slow, barely taking up the slack on your reel. The Trout bite was subtle, only a slight bump, and then a heaviness on the line. It was a cold but sunny day which made it a great time to be fishing here at Amelia Island!

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