Friday, February 19, 2016

Amelia Island Fly Fishing Slam

We had a sunny day to greet us this morning, albeit with a slight wind that was expected to gain strength as the day wore on. I had met Cathy Case and here cousin Julie down at the City marina to get in a half day of fly fishing here at Amelia Island and with two 8w fly rods and a 7w rigged up, we headed up Lanceford Creek to fish some flooded grass with a Clouser Minnow tied on a long leader. Cathy was making excellent casts to the grass but we had no takers so we eased back a ways to fish between two docks with an Intermediate line and a shrimp pattern. I think it was Cathy's second
cast when she had a hookup and after playing the fish perfectly, she landed a nice hungry Seatrout. She switched to the 7w which had a floating line but a long 9' leader and drifted her small Clouser Minnow deep, bumping it across the bottom and after a few casts she said she felt a strange "bump" then the line got heavy, then, FISH ON!  She worked the fish to the surface and we saw why it was a strange bite - it was a nice keeper sized Flounder! After fishing that area we made the run to fish Eagans Creek (and get out of the wind) but no fish cooperated here. Our final stop was over at Tiger Island, switching back to the rod with the Intermediate line and shrimp pattern. Cathy made an excellent cast up near a downed log and BOOM! BIG FISH ON! And it was a big one! She kept the pressure on, kept her rod up, but gave it some line as the big fish pulled. When it got back in the current Cathy followed it to the stern of the boat and took the battle to the fish which she soon landed - a Slot Sized 25" Red Fish, boy what a fish! We worked the island from one end to the other then called it a day, another great one to be caching an Amelia Island Back Country Slam!


Timothy Parker said...

Congratulations on the Backwater Slam and with a Fly Rod to boot.Thats awesome!!

Capt. Lawrence Piper said...

Thanks for the comments Tim! That big Redfish came just in the nick of time! LP