Thursday, June 23, 2016

Following The Almanac

I had the pleasure of fishing the afternoon with Louis Welch again who this time brought along his wife Sue. We met down at the City marina and eased through the No Wake Zone to fish some exposed oyster beds on the last of an outgoing tide. Bait was moving and fish were blasting and it wasn't long before Louis had put a keeper sized Seatrout in the boat. He then landed a small, but feisty Flounder. We ran down to Lanceford Creek, fished a dock, and here Sue put a Seatrout in the boat and Lou landed a hard fighting and "almost legal" Black "puppy" Drum.  Then we made a long run
around to Bell River and fished some docks. We had caught fish at each spot and the sun was getting lower, we had a breeze and things just seemed "fishy". Louis told me that he and Sue had checked the Farmer's Almanac and it said this afternoon was the time to fish! We picked up a hungry Seatrout off the docks and landed another Black Drum then bounced up to another dock. Louis put his jig and shrimp between two dock pilings and BOOM! BIG FISH ON! This fish was ripping drag and staying deep and I thought for sure that he had a Bonnethead Shark. We worked our way out from the dock
pilings then Louis began to put the pressure on. I saw a big flash in the water with my Breakline Polarized sunglasses and was still thinking "shark" when it came to the surface and we saw that it was a massive Bull Redfish, measuring in at 31.5"! And boy was it thick! This fish puts Louis in 2nd place in the Anglers Mark Bragging Rights Tournament - Redfish Category (scroll down the right side of this report for standings). After getting photographs and releasing it Louis went back to the same spot and with just a few casts, FISH ON! He worked this one to the boat a little quicker and we soon netted a nice 21" Slot Red, with 9 spots. We fished for a while longer, ran around and made a brief stop at the MOA, then continued on around to Tiger Island. After a cast or two we had a hookup - Louis worked it to the boat, and landed a fat 19" Flounder. This gave the duo an Amelia Island Backcountry Slam and again, put Louis in 2nd place in the Bragging Rights Tournament - Flounder Category! We fished on and Sue got in on the action. She made an excellent cast to some logs, worked it slowly and BOOM! Another nice fish on! She played it patiently and soon landed a nice 19" Slot Red of her own. We fished the island thoroughly then headed in as the sun was getting low, counting it as another great day to be fishing Amelia Island waters.

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