Monday, April 10, 2017

Mangroves Moving In

We fished the south end again today -John Alderman and his sons John and Sam. We met early at the Sawpit Creek ramp and headed up the Nassau River and straight to Pumpkin Hill to catch the last of an incoming tide. The three anglers were tossing live shrimp under float rigs and they got bites right off. John Sr. knocked the skunk off when he put a couple of hungry Seatrout in the boat. We fished a good stretch of flooded oysters with a few bites but no takers then ran over to Christopher Creek to fish deep with jigs. Although we had some nibbles, we had no fish so we made our next stop back ast Seymore's Pointe, fishing some dock pilings. There were light bites happening and finally we picked up a small Mangrove Snapper. Later, we had a strong bite and this turned out to be a nice fish.  Sam played it patiently to the boat and soon landed a nice keeper sized Seatrout. One dock down, Sam made an excellent cast to the piling and picked up another Snapper, this one of keeper size.  After fishing Twin Creeks briefly, we headed in and counted it as another great day to be fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida.

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