Saturday, November 3, 2018

We Lost Count

You know when the first cast of the day catches a big Seatrout and then you lose count of how many fish you've caught within the first thirty minutes - it's been a good morning of fishing!  That was how it was this  morning. I had met Ann Mastroserio and her friends Rich and James up at the Dee Dee Bartels Park boat ramp but we had a stiff wind blowing out of the North West, so we made the first run down to Lanceford Creek to try and get out of the wind, and it worked! Our first cast was to marsh run out and BOOM! Float Gone! Rick was on the rod and patiently worked in a big Trout that measured a little over 18", now that's the way to start a fishing trip.

 From then on it was game on and all three anglers were putting fish in the boat, one after the other! Seatrout, mostly under 15", but once in a while a "keeper" then as we got near some oyster beds, they began to catch Redfish. Most of those were undersized unit Ann hooked up with one that ripped drag. She played it like a pro and soon landed our first Slot Redfish. These anglers added another Slot Red to the catch and a couple more keeper sized Trout before we move on.

We fished some dock pilings on Lanceford and had one Redfish catch then we made the long run back to Tiger Island and set up fishing. Again, first cast, and BOOM!  James had a good hookup. He worked it to the boat and landed another Slot Redfish. We worked the bank thoroughly,  then crossed over to fish the opposite bank and found a keeper sized Whiting to round out our catch. It was beautiful morning, albeit a tad bit windy, but we when we called it day we counted it another great one to be fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida.

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