Thursday, June 6, 2024

Lead Changes


I was fishing up north out of Old Town Bait and Tackle this morning. After meeting Aaron Self, his son Isaac, and his cousin Robert, we headed out of Eagans Creek and made run up to the Jolley River and turned into the current to fish the "bank" with float rigs and live shrimp. We worked that bank pretty good back to the point where Aaron "knock the skunk off" with a Seatrout catch, taking the lead in the biggest/most/first fish caught.  But shortly after that Robert had gone up into a pocket and hooked up and landed  an nice keeper size Flounder. 

We then ran up the river and fished a point where Aaron promptly caught a Seatrout up by the grass.
Even further up the river at Snook Creek we worked the bank and here the anglers caught a handful of small Trout and then both Robert and Isaac tangled with some drag ripping Bonnethead Shark. We also added a keeper sized Seatrout here.

Our next stop was back at the outside of Tyger, fishing the first of an outgoing tide. Although we had numerous nibbles, we had no real bites. I was torn about which spot to hit next - run over to Lanceford and fish some drainages or run back towards Jolley and fish the outside of Tyger? We stayed at Tyger, switched to jigs and minnows and worked a small drop off and this paid off. 

They picked up two more keeper sized Seatrout, a Jack or two, then Robert, who had tossed to where there was a discoloration in the water (different depths), had a strong bite and BAM! Big Fish On! It was digging deep and ripping drag and we were all speculating what it was. Robert kept the pressure on, played it perfectly and soon brought to the surface and the net an Oversized 28" Redfish, boy what a fish. Aaron followed that up with a good hookup of his own. He worked it to the boat expertly and landed a Slot Redfish. The trio also added a handful of smaller Flounder to their catch total. 

The sun was up, we had a nice box of fish so we headed back to the ramp and counted it as another great day to be fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida. 

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