Fishing Trips

There is so much to offer if you are here for some Amelia Island fishing!  I'm not going to go into a whole lot of detail, but here's a little sampling.  Contact me for more information, please!

Capt. Piper furnishes all bait, tackle, rods, reels, flies, Saltwater Fishing Licenses, and a cooler of ice waters.

Backcountry Light Tackle
This is my normal trip, usually a 1/2 day, 4 hour trip, leaving around sunrise and returning mid day.  Sometimes we leave mid day and return at sundown.  Using light tackle spinning gear we either cruise the oyster beds, downed logs, or marsh grass and toss jigs or float rigs fishing for Redfish, Seatrout, Flounder, Drum, Sheepshead, Shark, Blues, Ladyfish,....and anything else we can catch!  3 Anglers is ideal, 4 is do-able.  Most of the time it's like fishing on a lake.  No rocking and rolling.  ALL BAIT, TACKLE, RODS, REELS, FISHING LICENSES AND A COOLER OF ICE WATERS PROVIDED. Contact me to set up your fishing trip today!

Do a "His and Hers" trip.
(or a "Hers and His" trip for my lady anglers!)
Just like the Backcountry Light tackle, but we fish for about 2 and 1/2 hours. We head back into the dock at Fernandina Beach Harbor Marina and pick up your spouse and/or kids for an hour and 1/2 of sightseeing and cruising. You should get plenty of fishing in AND keep the spouse happy, too! (4 Hour Trip) Contact me to set up your fishing trip today!

Have a larger group? Do a "Split Trip"
If you've got more than 4 anglers consider doing a "split 3/4 day" trip. We'll fish the first part of the trip for 3 hours then swing by the dock, drop off the first crew,  pick up the 2nd crew and go out for 3 more hours.  Rather than leaving someone behind or crowding too many on the boat, everyone gets to go fishing!  Just remember, the ideal number of people is 3, so a six person split trip would be perfect.  Contact me to set up your fishing trip today!

Ladies Day Out..
Really no different than my other fishing trips but something to consider. I've got a ton of patience and will be prepared to help even the novice angler. I've done a good handful of these and I've noticed that the ladies have a great time getting out on the water and enjoying the outdoors with their friends. Contact me to set up your fishing trip today!

ECO Tour
I can work in a tour after one of my fishing trips and If I know ahead of time, we can drop some crab traps for inspection during your trip. If there is bait moving we can toss a cast net or put out minnow traps to see what we can catch. This is a great way to introduce the younger kids to being out on the water. Contact me to see if we can work this in.

Wading for Tailing Redfish
The most common times for these Redfish are during the Spring (April, May, June) and Fall (Sept,Oct, Nov) flood tides. If the water is not high enough in the grass the fish won't be there so  contact me if you're planning a trip during these months and we'll see if the tide's are right! We can use spinning tackle or fly rods.   Plan to wear an old pair of tennis shoes or wading shoe. My boat is a 22' bay boat and I put the bow into the grass. Sometimes we can cast from the deck but often times we'll need to ease over the side and wade to the tailing fish. This is an awesome, heart pounding way to stalk fish!

Contact me to set up your trip

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