Monday, November 10, 2008

Trout Tourney results

Steele Dahl and I fished in the local Trout Tournament this past weekend. We got an early start, checking out around 6:15am and then heading to our first stop. When Steele picked up a nice keeper fairly early after throwing our first baits I thought we were well on our way to a good showing. Unfortunately, it was not to be. We fished our rear-ends off, going to all of my usually productive spots but only found small, undersized trout. Steele did hook up with a nice Blue that gave him a ferocious battle, but again, smallish trout didn't help our prospects. We hit a number of my normal spots, one after the other, and even tried a few new ones, but we just didn't have the "bite". The good news is Steele got a real dose of learning to operate the boat and trolling motor. He even gently docked us when we returned to the boat ramp. Oh well, "wait till next year"!

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