Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything

Local resident Mike Hickox treated his visiting daughter, Lacey and her boyfriend DJ to a Eco Tour/Fishing trip Friday afternoon.  It was a beautiful day to get out on the water so we met at Atlantic Seafood dock at 11:30am and eased out of the marina and no-wake zone on The Anglers Mark.   We headed out into Amelia River sound to view Fort Clinch from the water then cut across to the southern tip of Cumberland Island and broke out some binoculars to see a couple of wild horses on the grass flat.  Our next destination was Cumberland's Beach Creek and as soon as we rounded the first bend we were treated to a pod of porpoises cruising the shoreline and busting baitfish with one porpoise even coming out of the water onto the bank with it's meal grasped in it's mouth!   As we eased up the creek to the tree line we came across a small herd of horses grazing along the creek bank and we were able to inch in close for some pictures.  We checked them out for a while then cruised on up the creek to see an Osprey patrolling the sky.  As we were leaving, Lacey and DJ's young eyes spotted a newborn colt hiding behind one of the horses.  Finally we said, "let's go fishing" and headed over to Jolley River to pitch some jigs and shrimp to the exposed oyster banks.  We didn't get many bites and it was well past lunch time so we cranked the big engine and ran on up to St. Mary's for Crab Sandwiches, Fish Sandwiches and a Crab Cake salad! Boy were they good!   We found time to fit in another fishing stop behind Tiger Island and with the tide just starting back in, the fish bite had heated up.  Lacey hooked up and fought a nice 17" Redfish to the boat with DJ handling the net, then DJ got in on the action by picking up a Seatrout on his last cast.  We had a full day of touring and fishing so we headed in, calling it another great day to be out on the water!

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