Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Out of the Fog...Redfish!

Libby Wilkes was hosting her daughter Kap and her grandson Peter who were visiting Amelia Island from Minnesota.  Kap and Peter enjoy fishing for Walleye in the lakes of Minnesota, but wanted to take in some of the backcountry fishing that we have to offer.  We left the Big Talbot/Sawpit boat ramp at 1pm today with fog hovering all over the marsh and river.    Our first stop in The Anglers Mark was up in the Horsehead area where we dropped anchor to fish the last of an outgoing tide.  Both Kap and Peter were using bottom rigs with dead shrimp (there seems to be a shortage of live ones at the Amelia Island bait shops - call for availability) and it wasn't long before Kap had a hookup and a fish fight on her hands!  She expertly worked the Redfish to the boat and a waiting net for pictures and release.  We had a short visit from an FWC officer who checked our life vests and sound device, then we were catching fish again.  Peter pulled in a fairly large Stingray then he added a few Redfish to the count.  When the tide started back in, we moved to the dock at Seymor's Pointe, anchored, and again threw out bottom rigs.  The Redfish were biting and the anglers picked up another 7-8 fish.  The fog had move on, leaving us with a pleasant day with  mild tempertures so we counted it as another great day to be out on the water!


Kap said...

We had a really nice time on our fishing day with Lawrence- loved catching all the fish. Lawrence had everything we needed, a great boat, and the right place. Thanks Lawrence!

Cpt. Lawrence Piper said...

Thanks, Kap. Ya'll did a great job - I could tell you had experience. I really liked Peter's attitude - a good young man.