Saturday, April 28, 2012

Early Morning Redfish Fight

A cold front had come through last weekend, dropping our April temperatures into the 50's, then it left us with some high winds the first few days of the week.  Yesterday was the first nice day we've had in a week with a forecast of temperatures in the high 80's and very little wind predicted.  All this lined up for a great day of fishing!  Adrienne and Russ Futrell had scheduled a back country fishing trip as part of their 20th wedding anniversary celebration here on Amelia Island, Florida.  They were staying at the Addison on Amelia, a quaint bed and breakfast within walking distance to the marina.  We met me at the Atlantic Seafood dock and pointed The Anglers Mark towards Lanceford Creek to fish the first of an incoming tide.  I promised Adrienne and Russ that we wouldn't be long fishing the docks, but I wanted to hit them first before heading up into the marsh, and luckily it was a good move!  The two anglers hadn't been fishing long when Russ's rod bent and line ripped out as the drag sang on his Shimano 1000FI reel, FISH ON!  He battled the fish from around the dock pilings and out into deeper water, playing the fish perfectly.  The big fish made a couple of strong runs, but Russ eventually wore out the fish and we landed a nice 26 1/2"  Slot Sized Redfish!  Only minutes later, Adrienne had a hookup, her drag sang, and FISH ON!  Her fish was smarter and headed for the dock pilings, OH NO!  I didn't say anything but  I was sure it was going to get around the barnacle encrusted pilings and cut itself off.  But Adrienne kept the pressure on, the fish came out....then went back into the pilings!  All she could do was keep the pressure on,  and sure enough, it came out again!  Luckily it now headed for deeper water where Adrienne wore it out, and then she slowly worked it to the boat and net, another 26 1/2"  Slot Redfish!  Both of these fish were released to be caught another day. We later moved to the marsh where Adrienne picked up another Slot Redfish, then she and Russ caught some hard fighting Blues, some high jumping Ladyfish, then Russ worked in another mid-Slot Redfish and a keeper sized Seatrout.  The anglers ended the day picking up a few more Seatrout, then we headed in, counting it as a great day to be out on Amelia Island waters!

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