Thursday, June 21, 2012

No Shrimp No Problem

The bait shop was without live shrimp this morning so I picked up a few mud minnows and knew that I had plenty of artificial Temptation Bait's on board.  I met Wade Turner and his son Ethan at the south end boat ramp (Big Talbot Island Park)  this morning and we headed up the Nassau River to fish the incoming tide at Broward Island. We started on the south end with Ethan tossing a minnow on a jig and Wade tossing an artificial.  Ethan had the hot rod early, picking up an aggressive Trout to get the skunk off the boat.  Later, his rod bent and drag sang as his line ripped out.  He fought the fish for a good while, saw it roll a time or two, but it broke off out in deeper water. OUCH!  Wade was getting hits, but no takers on the artificials so we pulled and ran to Bubblegum Reef, but had no real bites there.  Later, we fished the flooded marsh grass of Jackstaff Creek with Temptation Bait grubs on jig heads and here Wade got in on the action, boating a couple of nice, fat Trout.  Ethan had a good battle with Stingray to wrap the trip up and we headed in, counting it as another great day to be on the water!

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