Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mud Minnows Rule!

Long time customers, anglers and friends - William and Shannon Pleasant and their two sons Ben and Alex were in town for their annual vacation here at Amelia Island and had scheduled a backwater fishing trip on The Anglers Mark  yesterday.  We met down at the Atlantic Seafood dock at 7am and headed out with clear skies, a slight breeze and a high and rising tide.   Ben and Alex have such a great attitude about their fishing, instilled by their parents, I'm sure.  Alex got the ball rolling early, getting the "skunk off the boat" by landing a high flying Ladyfish and then an aggressive Blue, caught on mud-minnows.  We then headed up to Jolley River where the family preceded to catch big Redfish!  William started it off with a nice Slot Red then Ben got in on the action, too.  They both played their fish perfectly and Alex pitched in and landed Ben's Red.  They picked up some smaller Reds and some smaller Trout, then they began to catch keeper sized Trout with Shannon, William and Ben contributing to the box. Most were caught on mud minnows floated over the flooded oyster beds.  William had a very strong hookup but the Red stayed in the oysters and cut itself off, OUCH!   Later, he had another hookup and after a long battle, landed the largest of the day, a "Tournament Red" - 26 3/4"!  Later in the day we met up for another fishing trip, this time with the tide low and coming in.  We fished the 1/4oz jig with shrimp and mud minnows and picked up a small Trout and Red hear and there.  The action wasn't like it was that morning, but after Alex had made a great cast to the base of oysters, FISH ON!  He played the big Red with determination and with a  testament to perseverance, landed a nice 23" Slot Redfish!  We hit a number of other spots, picking up a Jack and some small Trout, then headed in with the sun going down, counting it as another great day to be out on Amelia Island waters!

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