Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rounding Out a Slam in Style

  I had met Russ and Denice Kesel along with their two sons Noah and Sam this morning at the Atlantic Seafood dock, downtown Fernandina Beach, and we headed up towards Tiger Island on the very last of an incoming tide.  The oysters were flooded so we tossed float rigs with live mud minnows for bait.  I think our first cast produced a bite and from then on the family were catching fish.  Noah got it started early and kept the hot rod as he reeled in a few hungry Seatrout and a couple of them were "keeper size", even though the Kesel's were practicing good game management by tossing their fish back today.  Both Russ and Sam picked up some Trout, too, and Noah added a feisty Redfish.  We moved on around, closer to Tiger, and again the anglers picked up Trout, a Blue, some Ladyfish, and even a Needlefish.  Our next stop was the docks of Lanceford, but even though the tide had been going out for over two hours, the oysters weren't showing and the fish weren't biting!  We hit another set of docks and had no luck there. OUCH.  Our last stop was back at the first set of docks and this timethe oysters were popping out of the water.  Russ picked up a hungry Snapper then we had a strong hookup and FISH ON!  Denice fought the fish back and forth behind the stern and kept the pressure on as it made some strong runs.  With husband Russ manning the net, the duo eventually landed a large, 25 1/2" Slot Red!  I lost track of when, but either before, during or right after that battle, Russ landed a keeper sized Flounder, to round out the Slam.  With that, we called it a day, another great one to be out on Amelia Island waters!

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