Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Like Fishin in a Barrell

Nancy Hudson, her husband Albert, and their son Bo Vinson won a fishing trip from the World Fishing Network and I was the lucky guide they selected for the trip!  We met at the Atlantic Seafood dock in downtown Fernandina Beach, Florida on Amelia Island, and pointed The Anglers Mark out of the marina with the sun just coming up.  We made our first stop at the docks on Lanceford Creek and the anglers warmed up with the jig rods with live shrimp and mud minnows as bait.  The oysters hadn't started showing, but they were able to pick up a feisty Redfish, a Whiting and some Snapper.  We made run over to the logs of Tiger Island were able to make some good passes of the island, being out of the wind.  Again, they had just a few bites, mainly Snapper, but they did boat a keeper sized Flounder. We ran up to the Jolley River and fished Snook Creek where Albert caught a hungry Trout.  I was beginning to wonder - they had caught some fish but they were really having to work for them.  I hadn't been to the "Mother of All" spots in a while but we were real  close so we made the short run and then inched up to some oyster beds. BOOM!  BOOM! BOOM!  They had hookup after hookup after hookup of fish.  Redfish, Drum, Flounder, Trout, and Sheepshead - all five inshore game fish in one spot just a few minutes.  At one time Albert commented that it was like fishing in a barrel!  The tide had just started back in so we stayed there for a while and they added to the box a keeper Redfish and another keeper Flounder. We made a last stop at Jolley Bank and it was on fire, too.  Redfish,  a nice keeper sized Trout, Drum and a smaller Flounder were caught.  The sun was high and we were out of bait so we called it a day, another great one to be out on Amelia Island waters!

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