Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Change of Strategy Makes the Day

We again had a beautiful morning today, somewhat cloudy, and a slight breeze to make it real comfortable to fish the Amelia Island back waters on The Anglers Mark.  I had met Rich Euler and his daughter's boyfriend Mike down at the City marina at 7am and we headed up to Jolley River to fish the outgoing tide.  The oysters were just showing as we pitched topwaters along the first stretch of marsh.  We had no real bites on the lures so we switched to jigs and shrimp and soon found that the "baitstealers" were gonna keep us busy!  We moved around to the MOA (Mother of All) spots and held off of the oysters, tossing are bait up current and dragging it back into deeper water.  Rich was the first to hookup and it was a good battle.  He played the fish perfectly and we soon netted a nice 18" Seatrout!  We picked up a hard fighting Puppy Drum then Mike had a hookup. This fish pulled hard and was shaking its head furiously but Mike kept the pressure on and he too netted a nice 20" Seatrout.  We picked up a few more Croaker then ran back to the mouth of Jolley to fish the now exposed oysters. We fattened up a number of Croaker but had no real bites. The water was muddy from the SW wind and no game fish were to be found.  So we decided to run around to Bell River and fish the dock pilings and sure enough the water was clear and just "looked" fishy!  BOOM!  FISH ON!  Mike had a hookup, a bent rod, and some drag ripping!  He played the fish patiently and soon brought to the boat a nice Slot 21" Redfish!    Shortly later he had another hookup and while he battled this Slot Red, Rich hooked up and his drag sizzled!  BIG FISH ON!  We landed Mikes fish then went to work on Rich's.  Rich was very patient with this fish as it made a number of deep and long runs but he kept the pressure on with his TFO Tactical Spinning Rod and after a long battle we landed a BIG 30 1/2" Redfish!  This fish put Rich in 2nd place in my Anglers Mark 2013 Bragging Rights Tournament - Redfish category. (Scroll down right side of this report for standings).    The big fish was photographed, revived and released.  We fished a few more docks then headed in, counting it as another great day to be out on Amelia Island waters!

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