Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Slot Red Caps Off a Good Day

I fished again this morning, this time with Wallace and Rebecca Kenny, fishing out of the Fernandina Beach Harbor Marina. We had a high tide just starting out so we made a run up Lanceford Creek to fish some flooded oyster bars and marsh grass. The two anglers were tossing live shrimp under floats but we had no bites. We then fished some dock pilings with jigs but I think the tide was still too high and even though we had a few bites, there were no takers. We
then made the run around to Tiger Island and within a few minutes we had a hookup. Rebecca had been fishing a jig and shrimp slowly on the bottom when she had a strong bite, and, FISH ON! She played the fish patiently to the boat and we netted a nice feisty Redfish, the first fish of the day. We had a good flurry of fish biting from then on. Wallace put a Seatrout in the boat, then a Redfish. Rebecca added another Seatrout then Wallace had a whole handful of Reds and Trout. Then we had a really strong hookup. This big fish did not want to come to the boat, especially when it got out deep and back in the current. But Wallace was patient, kept the pressure on, and slowly worked the big Red up. After a good battle we eventually netted a nice 25.5" Slot sized Redfish! Now that's a fish! After picking up a few more Reds and Trout, we called it a day, another great one to be fishing Amelia Island waters!

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