Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tournament Red First Cast

With winds projected to be well over 10 mph today, we almost didn't go. But go we did and it turned out to be one of those "banner" days! I had met Tom Gaslin and his buddy Steve Foss down at the Atlantic Seafood dock and we headed up to fish Eagans Creek to stay out of the wind. The tide still had about an hour of going out so I set the two anglers up with jigs rods. Steve was out first and before we could even get Tom in the water we heard the ripping sound of a drag and Steve had a FISH ON! This big fish did not want to be caught, diving deep and driving back to some dock pilings. But Steve was up for this epic battle and after a good battle, he subdued this 26 7/8" "tourney red". Boy what a fish! The two anglers went back to the dock and caught fish after fish after fish. Many were small but feisty Reds, but every once in a while both anglers would put another Slot sized fish in the boat. But all good things must come to an end and when the bite slowed, we moved on to another dock, fished it for a while, then ran around to fish Tiger Island as the tide started back in. The fish "catching" was slow for just a few minutes, then like a light switch being flipped, the bite began. Redfish after Redfish were brought to the boat - then Tom battled another big Slot Red -and landed it. Then more Reds and a couple of Seatrout were caught. All together, Tom and Steve had six Slot Reds and umpteen smaller Reds - a really great day to be fishing here at Amelia Island!

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