Thursday, June 22, 2017

Oh, My Shrimp Is Gone

That's the title of a new hit song soon to be released! You heard it hear! I fished this morning  Joe
Gasper, Adam, and Adam's daughters Eliza and Meagan, meeting them down at the Sawpit Creek boat ramp early, and we headed up the Nassau River and all the way around to Pumpkin Hill to fish the last hour of an incoming tide.

We set up to fish with float rigs and live shrimp, tossed up near some flooded marsh grass and we almost immediately began to get bites, and good ones too! Eliza put a hard fighting Jack Crevalle in the boat then followed that up with a keeper sized Seatrout-actually a 19.5" fish! Then everyone was catching fish. Meagan expertly landed another Jack, Adam added one, then he too caught a hungry Seatrout.

We worked the bank, getting bites constantly, then as we reached a point of grass we had an even bigger flurry of fish catch'n. Eliza caught a couple of keeper sized Trout, Adam and Joe added a cople of more, then Adam and Eliza had a "double" hookup. Eliza's turned out to be another big Trout while Adam'a was a 22" Slot Redfish.

We fished Seymore's and sparred with some "cute" Mangrove Snapper, hit Twin Creeks where Adam added another Trout, then wrapped up another great day of fishing over in the mouth of Jackstaff.

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