Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Just Go To A Different Dock

The temperatures dropped last night and when I met Roger Pickett and his fishing buddy David down at the Sawpit Creek boat ramp the air temp was still in the 40's. But the skies were clear and the sun was coming up and it felt like it was going to be a good day...and it was! We ran up the Nassau River, straight to some docks at Seymore's Pointe, and began to fish jigs and live shrimp to the pilings. Although the guys were making excellent casts, dropping their presentation at the pilings and letting it fall to the bottom, we had no real bites after hitting two sides of one dock. We moved on to another and that did the trick. In no time at all, both
anglers were catching fish. As long as they got their baits up near the pilings they'd usually get a hookup on some feisty Redfish.

When things finally slowed we moved on down the line and fished another dock. But this one didn't have the magic and after fishing Bubblegum Reef briefly, we went around the corner and fished some rocks with float rigs and live shrimp, getting the presentation right up near the rocks. Again, it only took minutes and BOOM!
Big Fish On! David was on the rod and he patiently played the fish, letting it run deep and rip the drag. But after a good battle, David brought to the net a nice 26" Slot Redfish. (All fish were released today). Roger followed that  up with a 27" Red then both he and David had a double hookup and both of them landed Slot sized fish. Once they were released the two angler went back to the rocks and BOOM! Another big fish on! Roger worked hard to keep the fish out of the pilings and once he had him out he kept the pressure on. It was along fight on light tackle, but patience paid off when Roger landed a big 30" oversized Red- big enough to kick off the 2018 Anglers Mark Bragging Rights Tournament, 1st place in the Redfish category!  The two anglers picked up a couple of more Reds and Roger added a feisty Sheepshead before we made a run down to Broward Island, getting there just in time for the first of an incoming tide.

Broward wasn't on fire but the two anglers did pick up a couple of more Reds; David added a keeper sized Seatrout and Roger followed that up with one of his on. David had what may have been the biggest fish on the day on, but after battling the fish out from the bank, it must have found an old log to swim under. The line went tight and locked down, a sure sign of the fish wrapping around something and then BAP! Big fish off! But both anglers had caught a bunch of fish so we called it a day, another great one to be fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida.

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