Thursday, July 28, 2022

Super Grande Slam for Young Anglers

 I was  up north this morning - the first time in quite a while. I met Hope McCall and her two sons Bekk and Knox early, with clear, sunny skies to greet us. We headed north and west and over to Jolly Rive and set up along the "bank" and began to fish float rigs and live shrimp. The trio of anglers landed a Croaker and a couple of hard fighting Jack Crevalle.

We moved further up the river and worked another stretch and here Bekk hooked up and landed a nice Black "puppy" Drum. Knox had a strong bite -his line ripped and BAP, the whole leader was gone! It was a big one!  After running back to Tyger Island we fished a stretch and here Bekk hooked up, after drifting long, and landed a keeper sized Mangrove Snapper.

After running thru Tyger and around to Bell River and setting up at a grassy point, it was Knox's turn to get on the board when he caught and landed a hungry Seatrout. We then went up the Lanceford, dipped into Soap. and worked a grass line. We had one float off a grassy point and when it slowly went under, the hook was set and, Fish On! Bekk was on the rod and he worked it in patiently and after a good battle landed a really nice 17" Sheepshead - the biggest of the year, and big enough to top the category in the Anglers Mark 2022 Bragging Rights Tournament(scroll down the right side of the report for standings).

We then fished some docks over at Lanceford and picked up a feisty Redfish (a Grande Slam), then a small Flounder - a Super Grande Slam of Seatrout, Black Drum, Sheepshead, Red Drum and Flounder. It was getting hot and as we headed back we counted it as another great day to be fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida.

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