Saturday, July 5, 2014

Calm Sea's and a Slight Breeze

I was really looking forward to getting out on the water today - the weather called for slightly overcast skies, very little wind, and we had the last of an outgoing tide.  I met Russ Henry and two of his sons, James and Carter down at the City marina and after a brief safety orientation, we headed up Bell River to fish  some dock pilings.  The conditions were perfect and very quickly did James knock the "skunk" off by landing a small but feisty Redfish.  Carter put a couple of hungry Seatrout in the boat and another feisty Red. 
But there weren't any big fish biting so we headed around to the Jolley River and fished an oyster bank that had tons of bait surrounding it.  Again, Carter put a couple of feisty Reds in the boat.  We fished Snook Creek with no real bites then hit Jolley Bank as the tide started back in.  Things picked up somewhat with the anglers landing another Trout, another feisty Red, and Russ tangled with a hard fighting Jack Crevalle.  Finally, Carter's rod bent double and we knew we had a good fish on.  He played the fish patiently and after a good battle, landed a nice Slot sized 20" Redfish!  We hit Tiger Island, had a few good bites, then headed in, counting it as another great day to be fishing Amelia Island waters!

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