Monday, October 6, 2014

Flounder Bonanza

Boy what a pretty day we had today!  It was chilly enough to wear a fleece but there was only a slight breeze when I met Sean and Meagan Rosenquist down at the City docks at sunrise. The tide was high and just going out when we made our first stop outside of  Tiger Island.  I had Sean tossing a topwater lure up on the bow and Meagan was throwing a float rig with live shrimp and they almost immediately began to get hookups.  Trout were nailing the topwater lure and Meagan was hooking up with Trout, too.  We fished the area until the bite slowed then we made a run up to Jolley River and to the mouth of Snook Creek.  We had been fishing for just a short while when Meagan had a strong hookup and, FISH ON!  She played the big fish patiently and after good battle, landed a nice Slot 21" Redfish!  We fished for a short while longer, picked up another few smaller Reds and a couple of Trout, then we moved back to Jolley Bank, switching jigs.  Now Sean's rod heated up.  He landed a nice keeper sized 14" Flounder, then a 16" one, then his biggest, a nice 17" Flounder!  We had a few more Redfish and Trout then made a final stop back at Tiger Island.  Meagan got back on the board when she put another nice Flounder in the boat, a big 18" fish!  I think we had another Redfish or two, then we called it a day, another great one to be fishing Amelia Island waters!

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