Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Shark Fight Makes the Trip

I had the pleasure of fishing with the Huffman family this morning, Michele and Robert and their two kids Ashlyn and Jackson. We had met down at the Big Talbot Island Park boat ramp at the peak of high tide and ran up the Nassau River to make our first stop at Twin Creeks. The anglers were tossing mud minnows under floats and jigs and minnows and even though the conditions looked right, we had  no real bites. We moved on up to Seymore's Pointe and here we had numerous bites but no takers! We bounced around to fish
some dock pilings and finally Robert had a hookup on jig and landed a nice Flounder. Skunk off the boat! Hooray! We ran through the marsh and fished the mouth of Jackstaff, easing along the bank tossing jigs and minnows and dead shrimp. We had a few bites then Robert felt a "thump" and then his line got heavy, and, Flounder on!  He played the fish patiently and soon landed the keeper sized fish. After crossing to a flooded sand bar and working it thoroughly we were about to wrap things up when ZIP, ZIP, ZIP - the drag began to rip. BIG FISH ON! Robert kept the pressure on and as the big fish ran it took him from bow to stern, from starboard to port, and then back to bow. It kept running off line so we chased it with the trolling motor and after along battle we were able to land a 3'+ Bonnethead Shark, boy what a fight! After pictures and release, we headed in, counting it as another great day to be fishing at Amelia Island, Florida.

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