Saturday, August 15, 2015

Flounder Hot Spot

These South Carolina boys could fish! Capt. Brian Soucy had set up fishing for a small group of young guys who had come down to Jax Beach for a bachelor party weekend. I had three - Kyle,
Blake, and Tez - on my boat. We ran up the Bell River and fished some flooded oyster beds with float rigs and soon found that the mud minnows were the best baits. It took just a while then all three were hauling in Seatrout, one after the other. I believe it was Kyle
who put a feisty Redfish in the boat then added a keeper sized Trout, too. We ran around to fish the outside of Tiger Island and again found the small but hungry Seatrout. A huge rainstorm came up and soaked us all! I had thought about slipping in behind Tiger but the rain and wind beat us back so we ran over to fish the small jetties at the Fort but even though we were out of the rain, there were no bites. We made our next stop up Eagans Creek. Kyle and Tez stuck with the float rigs while Blake tossed a jig with minnows from the bow. He picked up a Croaker then at at a creek mouth, BOOM, Flounder on!  He worked it patiently to the boat and soon landed a nice 16" Flounder.  This encouraged his fellow anglers to switch to the jig and for a while there it was BOOM! Flounder. BOOM! Flounder. BOOM! Flounder. The put a few more up to 18" in the boat, had  small one, and lost one at the boat.  We got wet one more time then called it a day, another great, albeit wet one, to be fishing Amelia Island waters.