Monday, January 11, 2016

Cold Day But Nice Day

We had the coldest day of fishing in a long time with temperatures in the high 30's when I launched down at the Big Talbot Island Park boat ramp. But George Isaacson and his wife Margaret were not fazed, being "Mainers", and they were bundled and ready to go fishing. The sun was shining and there was only a slight breeze so when we hit our first spot we warmed up nicely. Margaret was tossing a jig and live shrimp back to some dock pilings and George was throwing a float rig with shrimp over some flooded oysters and it was George that "knocked the skunk off" when he landed a nice
hungry Seatrout. Then Margaret got in on the action and picked up a couple of Trout down deep. I think George followed that up with another Seatrout before we left and ran through Horsehead to fish some still flooded marsh grass. Both anglers were tossing the jigs and although they had a few bites there were no takers. We went back through Horsehead and down to Twin Creeks, fished the float rig up close and the jig out deep and again, no real bites. Our next stop was down at Broward Island and although the tide was still fairly high down there we got some fish. We had a good hookup and Margaret worked the fish in patiently. After a good battle she landed a beautiful feisty Redfish. Shortly after that George repeated the catch and he too put a Red in the boat. We worked the bank thoroughly and the two anglers picked up another Trout or two then George wrapped it up with one more Redfish making it another great day to be fishing Amelia Island waters.

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