Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Winter Time Grande Slam Fishing At Amelia Island

Boy it was cold this morning with temperatures hovering right at freezing when I launched at the City marina. But I had two anglers waiting for me at Oyster Bay so I ran up the river and when I eased up to the dock they were ready to go! We made the run to fish Eagans Creek on the last of an outgoing tide and after I found a likely dock to fish the two anglers began tossing live shrimp on a jig to the pilings. It wasn't long before Allen had a strong hookup and FISH ON! He played the fish perfectly, patiently working it to the boat and after a good battle landed a nice 23" Slot Redfish. He
picked up a few more fish then Kenneth warmed up and began landing fish too, and adding to the "Slot Fish Total Count". They put a few more fish in the boat then they got into some Black "puppy" Drum with two of them being of keeper size, one that Kenneth caught was right at 20" - a nice fish! Allen caught a small but hungry Seatrout to make it an early Amelia Island Back Country Slam and after another Red or two we picked up and ran over to the Tiger Islands at the very first of the incoming tide. I thought it might take a while but  both Kenneth and Allen had hookup, we had the first of few "Double Hookups". Things really picked up  - Allen was catching Redfish on the bow and Kenneth found a spot where he put  three keeper sized Seatrout in the boat. Allen came back and added a fourth then went back to his "Redfish Hole".  The duo made it a "Grande Slam" when Kenneth found a Flounder out deep. They were also catching small but feisty Black "puppy" Drum out deep, too. We fished right up until we ran out of bait and tallied up that we had landed 11 Slot Reds (and released all but a few), 6-8 Black Drum, 6-7 Seatrout, and 1 Flounder. Now that's the way to fish here at Amelia Island!

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