Thursday, September 29, 2016

Fast And Furious

We had some active anglers on the boat, Henry and Oscar who brought along their mom and dad, Jenifer and Bryan. We met down at the City marina and with a high tide that was still coming in, made the plan to run up Bell River and fish some flooding oyster beds with float rigs. We had both live shrimp and mud minnows and both caught fish. It was only minutes after we got the lines out when the young anglers began to catch fish. Both Henry and Oscar landed some high flying Ladyfish then Oscar put the first Seatrout in the boat. Mom was taking pictures but Brian was able to get a
line out and he put the first keeper fish in the boat, a nice 16" Seatrout. It was fast and furious fishing with Trout, Ladyfish, Snapper and Pinfish biting. Our next stop was around on Lanceford Creek to fish a grassy island and even though conditions were perfect for this spot, we had no real bites. On the way out we stopped at a dock to fish and here, Jenifer had tossed a bait out and she was the only one that caught a fish here, a hungry Seatrout. We ran through the marsh and around to the outside of Tiger. Again we had a few bites then Jenifer's float disappeared and, FISH ON! This
was a big fish and the drag on the reel was ripping but Jenifer kept the pressure on. The big fish went from one side of the boat to the other then from the bow to the stern but its struggle was to no avail - it had met its match! Jenifer reeled in a nice hard fighting Jack Crevalle. As we worked the bank, Bryan made an excellent cast between two grass patches and within seconds he had a fish on, and after good fight, landed a feisty Redfish. We made one last stop up in the Jolley River where Bryan added one more Redfish and Jenifer rounded out an Amelia Island Back Country Slam when she caught a keeper sized Flounder. After an in depth discussion with Oscar about dietary preferences, we called it a day, another great one to be fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida.


Henry's Mama said...

Just re-lived the whole fun day again through your post, Captain Piper! What a great recap! It was a great day for all of us with fish caught and memories made. And I love how much the boys learn through our fishing trips with you. We're looking forward to next year!

Pappo said...

I would like to know why, I, Pappo, the grandfather has not been invited on one of these trips? Of course, you cannot answer that question. I am not a "real" fisherman, but, if Henry and Oscar can catch fish maybe they could teach me a thing or two. Then again, maybe I am shorting you, maybe you just know where to go and make things happen. Glad the family had a wonderful time and maybe someday my good wife, also a Jennifer but with 2 "N's" and I can take a trip with you if Bryan and Jen share the location. Thanks for your summary of a good day.