Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Grande Slam Kind Of Day

Wow what a pretty morning! And it only got better! I met Joanne and Frank Esch down at the Big Talbot Island Park, early, and we made the short run up the intercoastal and dipped into Jackstaff to begin a slow creep along the marsh line on the very last of an outgoing tide. The two anglers were tossing jigs and live shrimp and making excellent casts to the still exposed oysters...and got nibbled, nibbled, nibbled and...nibbled. Baitstealers!  But finally, Joanne had a hookup and put a hungry Seatrout into the boat. We
crossed over and fished a sandbar/point and again, nibblers.

We buzzed through Horsehead and around to some docks at Seymore's Pointe and this did the trick. Both anglers were fishing out of the stern and within minutes were catching fish. They caught a Trout or two, then both of them put a keeper sized Black "puppy" Drum in the  boat. We also picked up a couple of keeper sized Mangrove Snapper. Frank added a keeper sized Seatrout.

We eased around and hit another dock and drifted float rigs along the rocks. After some bait got blown up near the shore and behind the boat, Joanne drifted a live shrimp thru the same spot. The float slowly disappeared, the hook was set and, FISH ON! This was a big fish! Joanne played it perfectly (and in the meantime Frank put another keeper sized Mangrove in the boat) and after a good battle she landed a big 21" Flounder! Boy what a fish! This fish puts Joanne in second place in the 2017 Anglers Mark Bragging Rights Tournament-Flounder category(scroll down the right side of this report for standings)  Then Frank made an excellent cast to the rocks, drifted slowly and BOOM! Another
big fish on! He worked it expertly to the boat and landed a nice 23" Slot sized Redfish.

After a short run down the Nassau River we fished a runout and a grass line and found a couple of Trout, a couple of feisty Redfish, and a few hard fighting Jack Crevalle. Then we hit Twin Creeks and drifted our float rigs across the mouths  and found what must have been a huge school of Seatrout. We caught one after the other after the other - most were 14.75", but Joanne and Frank found three more keeper sized fish. We left the biting! What a great way to end an excellent fishing trip here at Amelia Island, Florida

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