Friday, September 22, 2017

Seatrout Surge

I had the pleasure of fishing with Bob Blalock again today, this time meeting him up at the Dee Dee Bartels Park and boat ramp - early this morning. The water was calm with just a slight breeze but the forecast called for increasing winds, so we made a quick run over to Eagans Creek with plans to fish some dock pilings before the tide got up. Fishing jigs and live shrimp, it only took a few minutes before Bob was putting fish in the boat. As he slowly bounced his jig back from the pilings, he had a hookup and landed a
nice keeper sized Seatrout. From then on we had good action, landing a big handful of Seatrout with most being around 14" but we did add another keeper, and Bob also put some nice, feisty Redfish in the boat.

When that slowed we moved further up the creek and fished a flooding grass patch and added a couple of more Trout to the catch, caught on float rigs and live shrimp. We then ran around to fish Bell River, stayed with the float rigs, but found only a small Mangrove Snapper. We poked our bow into some flooding marsh grass but saw no Redfish Tails then eased around to the outside of Tiger and worked the marsh grass. Although we had no real bites as we got to flooded oyster bed, Bob made an excellent cast into the wind and BOOM! His float was gone! When the fish ripped some drag on Bob's reel we knew that it had some size to it. Bob played it perfectly and soon landed a Slot sized Redfish.

Our next and final stop was up the Jolley River and boy was the tide high, being pushed by the NE wind. We worked a bank slowly and Bob had his bait stolen a couple of times then he "tightened it up" and began to land Seatrout after Seatrout. They were short (14") and fat and put up an excellent fight. It was a great way to wrap up another day of fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida.

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