Sunday, September 24, 2017

Working the Fly Rod

With another hurricane sweeping by way out in the Atlantic, Amelia Island had some winds blowing
today - what a time to get in some fly fishing, right? That was the plan when I met Patrick Seidensticker up at the north end ramp and with a couple of the long rods and some spin gear for back up, we headed over to Tiger to take advantage of  the trees to block the 10mph wind.

Patrick was making excellent casts, pitching a couple of weighted fly patterns up between the logs and stumps. He was making excellent casts but it was difficult to keep the fly down in the deep
water. We switched back ad forth from fly to spin (and live shrimp) and after he got few bumps on the shrimp he went back to the fly and BAM! Fish on! Patrick eased the fish in slowly with his line hand and soon landed a nice Seatrout.

We worked up and down the bank, switching from fly to spin and found a Slot sized Redfish, a smaller Red and then Patrick hooked up with what we thought was going to be another Trout. It came up to the surface and thrashed but Patrick kept the pressure on and when we netted the fish we were both surprised to see a Snook!  This is only the 5th Snook I've had landed on my boat in the twelve years I've been guiding here at Amelia Island.

We hit some docks over at Lanceford Creek, caught a couple of Mangrove Snapper, fished a grass patch and added a Seatrout, fished Bell River, and ended up Eagans Creek to try and get out of the increasing wind. Although the wind made it tough, we still counted it a another great day to be out on the water here at Amelia Island, Florida.

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