Monday, August 20, 2018

The Redfish Stock Is Good

I fished with Bob Blalock this morning, meeting him out at the Goffinsville Park boat ramp early, and for a change, we eased around the
sandbar across the way and headed east in Middle River, making a stop at a likely looking marsh runout. Why?  The tide was going out, there was tons of bait, there were some oysters along the edge,  and the bottom dropped off to 16'. Bob began casting to the mouth of the runout with jigs and shrimp and minnows, and excellent casts they were, but I don't think we even had a nibble. We moved up the bank to another pretty runout and fished it with the same results. So much for experimentation!

But I knew where we had gotten some fish two days ago so we moved on over to the Nassau River and fished some exposed oysters at Spanish Drop and this did the trick. As we worked along the bank Bob began to catch feisty Redfish, one after the other. He looked like he needed help so I joined in and we both caught fish, sometimes getting a "double" hookup. We also picked up one nice keeper sized Flounder, and tangled with some Ladyfish.

After fishing that bank we ran back to Pumpkin Hill and worked some exposed shell beds and picked up a Redfish or two. Bob added a Weakfish to the catch. We finished up the "formal" trip down at Broward Island, fishing the logs and we may have landed one or two fish.  The tide was down fairly low and it was time to head back, but I wanted to check out the mouth of Lofton Creek on a low tide so we made the short run and fished some of the dock pilings, to no avail. But there was a likely looking shell bed in sight and when we fished that we both picked up a couple of Redfish each. We both agreed that the stock and future of Red Drum in our area is alive and well!

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