Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Trout Kind Of Day

We commented that the morning couldn't be better with slightly overcast skies and a slight breeze when Dennis Brizzi, his buddy Hal O'dell and I left the Goffinsville boat ramp and headed south down to Broward Island. The tide was still going out when we eased up to the bank and the duo began tossing jigs and minnows to "fishy" looking spots. It was just a few minutes before both anglers were catching fish - small but "feisty" Redfish, hungry Seatrout and even a small Flounder the size of your hand. But after a fish had rolled the bank chasing bait, Dennis pitched to it and had a hard strike, a hookup, and a successful landing of a keeper sized Seatrout.

We worked the bank for a good while and picked up a good handful of the smaller Reds and Trout, then we ran back north, fished Bubblegum Reef for a few minutes, then continued on around to some docks at Seymore's Pointe. Although we didn't get much, we did get another small Red then Hal reeled in the biggest Trout of the day, one that measured 19.5".

The tide had started back in so we buzzed back to Broward Island to catch that incoming and it paid off. Dennis landed a small Redfish or two then BOOM! He hooked a bigger, keeper sized Trout and landed it. As I scooped it up Hal quietly commented, Fish On, and he too had a big fish. This one was ripping some drag and after patiently playing it to the boat, he landed  a good 20" Slot Redfish.

Our last stop was at Pumpkin Hill and here we landed a couple of smaller Trout then one more of keeper size.  All fish were caught on Mud minnows today. It made for a great day of fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida.

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