Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Tug is The Drug

I fished with the Bernot group this morning, Chris and Marianna, Mike and Katie, meeting them up at the Eagans Creek boat ramp. We motored out of the creek (and past a small 'gator) then made the quick run around to Tiger Island and set up to fish the downed logs with mud minnows on jigs. It only took minutes and all four anglers were making excellent casts to the pockets. Although it was a tad bit slow, we worked the bank patiently and it paid off. Chris was the first to strike when he hooked up and landed a nice 19.75" Slot Redfish. Later we had a hookup and Marianna reeled in a keeper sized
Flounder. Then she went back to where we had seen a wake up near the bank and BOOM! Fish On! She played the fish perfectly and soon landed a big 21" Slot Redfish - her first fish - ever. 

We worked back down the bank and just as we were planning to leave, Mike had made a pin point cast to a downed long and when he felt the tug - and you know, the "Tug is the Drug", he set the hook and picked up another Slot Redfish. We left there and ran out and around to the Jolley River, switched to float rigs and worked the bank slowly as we trolled up current. Even though we were getting some excellent drifts, we only managed one small "feisty" Redfish, and maybe a small Croaker.  After easing around the corner we found a good marsh runout and switched back to the jigs. Katie got on the board with a keeper sized Flounder catch and Chris and Marianna doubled up with keeper Flounder catches of their own. The two couples added a handful of small Trout and another small Flounder.

We made another couple of stops and saw two manatee at two different locations, and added another Trout or two to the catch, before heading in and counting it as another great day to be fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida.

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