Friday, July 30, 2010

Left 'em Biting

I fished with Jeff Haskins and his sons Lucas and Jacob again today and the guys picked up where we left off Monday...catching fish! Knowing that temperatures were predicted to hit 100 today, we got an early start from the Dee Dee Bartels boat ramp on the north end of the island, and headed up to Jolley River to fish the very first of the incoming tide. The anglers were making pin-point casts to the base of the oyster lined banks and immediately began to get bites and fish! Jeff got it started off with a feisty Redfish then the young men began to hookup as well, catching Reds and Trout and then Jacob thought he was hung up but no, it was a keeper sized Flounder! We made two passes of the same bank, catching fish on both passes, then we headed upriver to "Snook Creek" where they caught a few more Redfish then Jacob hooked up and expertly fought what we think was a Shark. He had him on for about 5 minutes then the beast pulled loose and went on his way. We moved around to the MOA spot, caught a Red and a Trout, then headed in to get some live shrimp. We fished the mouth of "Manatee Creek" and sure enough, we were treated to a visit from a "herd" of Manatee. The guys caught more Redfish and Croaker then we moved around to the front of Tiger Island where they completed the Inshore Slam when Jeff fought to the net a keeper sized Redfish. Lucas made sure of it by putting in the boat another keeper sized Flounder and a keeper sized Trout.

All three were catching fish - Reds, Trout, Croaker, and "baitstealers" when we ran out of shrimp and called it day, another great one to be out on the water!

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