Sunday, July 25, 2010

Quality over Quantity

Trevor Ruble has been visiting Amelia Island for years - has done some offshore fishing here - but wanted to do some backcountry stuff. Trevor is Founder and Executive Director of Hooked for Life Ministries and is an accomplished angler, teaching classes on fishing at his local Community College. We left the south end boat ramp at 7am with an incoming tide that would peak at 9:30am. With the water already up to the marsh grass, we started a slow troll along the banks of the Nassau River, tossing live shrimp under a Cajun Thunder float. It wasn't long before Trevor hooked up with and fought to the boat a hard fighting Jack Crevalle. While we paused at a runout, Trevor made an excellent cast to the mouth of run out; the 10lb braided line drifted over a stalk of marsh grass and while Trevor eased the line over it, he hooked up with something that started its pull slowly then increased to a strong tug! We soon netted an 18"+ Flounder! We did see a small Redfish tailing up near the marsh grass but it wouldn't take our bait, so we headed up to Bubblegum Reef, anchored, and pitched the float rig up to the marsh grass. Something was chasing bait fish near a point of grass and Trevor got his bait in position; soon he was hooked up and in a major battle! The fish pulled and ripped drag then ran to the stern of the boat and back to the bow. When it rolled 30 yards from the boat we knew we had a big Redfish on and it was confirmed when Trevor worked 'em to the boat and net. Wow what a fish, measuring 26+"! We tried our luck at Broward Island just as the tide turned, picking up a small Redfish, then headed back to Jackstaff to fish the banks as the tide started out. Trevor caught a few more Redfish then hooked up to a BIG fish. Line ripped out, drag hummed, and the rod bent double. After what seemed like forever, we boated a 4' Bonnethead Shark for pictures and release. We had a few more of those, but they broke off and with that, we called it a day, another great one to be out on the water!

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