Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Fishing Through It

We fished out of the south end today where I met Matt McCullough and his two sons Conner and Jake. We made a long run around to Broward Island to catch the incoming tide and conditions were perfect for fishing. Conner and Jake were doing most of the fishing while their dad "coached them up" and both were getting a bite here and there but we had few takers until Jake tossed is live shrimp and jig up near some logs and a nice fish hit it immediately and, FISH ON! He played the fish perfectly and after a good battle landed a
nice 19" Slot sized Redfish - his first! We continued to fish the area, had a Trout on, then off, then we made a run back to Seymore's Pointe. The anglers switched to float rigs briefly, fished some rocks, then we moved around and fished some docks, going back to jigs and shrimp. Although we continued to have nibbles almost everywhere we fished, the good bite was very slow. But these anglers fished through it and we continued on. Our next stop was back at Christopher Creek, fishing some rocks and docks, but again, no real bites. With time running out we made a dash through Horsehead to fish a marsh run out on the very first of an outgoing tide. This did the trick!  I think Conner's first cast produced a nice hungry Seatrout which he landed easily. Then we had a good flurry of Trout catching with a nice feisty Bluefish to wrap things up. As we headed out we were treated to a Bald Eagle sighting - a great way to end a fishing trip here at Amelia Island, Florida.

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