Friday, April 22, 2016

Mixing Fishing and Sightseeing

We had a beautiful morning today, a great one to get in a little fishing and some sightseeing to wrap things up. I met Joe and Barbara Conlon down at the City marina and we headed over to Bell River to fish some still flooding oyster beds with live shrimp and float rigs. And wouldn't you know it, first cast, BAM! Fish on!  That's the way to start a fishing trip!  Joe worked the fish in patiently and landed a nice hungry Seatrout. We fished a grassy point for just a while then moved around to the  outside of Tiger Island and now that the tide had started out we were set up in a
good spot. We had another float go under and this one came in fairly easy. After fishing one more stretch of grass we ran out and toured Fort Clinch then cut across the inlet to the south side of Cumberland Island where we were greeted by a herd of wild horses to view. We eased up the island then into Beach Creek and sure enough, there was a little alligator in his same spot. Can you spot him in the pic below? On the way back we toured the old Pogy Plant and Old Towne then we headed in and counted it as another great day to be out on Amelia Island waters.

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