Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Two Casts Two Fish

I had the pleasure of fishing with Rod Chin and his daughter Amelia (who happens to have an island named after her) this morning and a fine one it was. We had just a slight breeze that kept the sand gnats off and nothing but sunshine to fish all morning with. We made our first stop at Tiger Island and then  baited up with live shrimp on jigs. The first cast produced  a nice, keeper sized Sheepshead, which Rod and Amelia teamed up to bring in.  Then on the second cast, Rod hooked up and landed a nice keeper sized Seatrout. Now that's the way to start a fishing trip out. We fished
the area thoroughly, had a few good bites, but no takers, then we ran up to Jolley River to fish the "bank" with live shrimp under floats on the incoming tide.  It was perfect conditions but kinda slow until we got ready to leave then the duo landed another Trout. Our next stop was back to the outside of Tiger and again, we caught a Trout or two, and also had a visit from the FWC checking licenses! Our final stop was around at Bell River and here Amelia reeled in a Seatrout of her own, all by her self! It was a beautiful day and another great one to be fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida.

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