Friday, July 8, 2016

Manatee Sighting Started The Day

I had met Matt Sedgwick and his son Luke down at the City marina this morning and as we left the dock Matt spotted a big Manatee swimming just ahead of us! We slowed down to a stop and let it move on out of the marina then we headed north and up to Tiger Island to fish the logs on the very first of an incoming tide. And a perfect tide it was...but we had no real bites. We ran out and around to the Jolley River, fished the Bank, and right off we had a bite. Luke worked the fish in patiently and landed a nice fat Seatrout. A
little later he had a Flounder hookup and got it to boatside for a "quick release". We ran around to Bell River, fished some docks, and a picked up a small Sea Bass. We came back closer to the marina, fished one flooding oyster beds with no luck then made one final stop outside of Tiger where Luke hauled in a feisty Redfish. It was a beautiful day, with sightings of Manatee, Dolphin and a ton of birds here at Amelia Island, Florida.

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