Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Persnickity Fish

We had a beautiful morning greet Paul Benson and I when we met down at the Sawpit Creek boat ramp. There was only a slight breeze, just enough to keep the bugs off, and the tide was getting right as we headed up the Amelia River with plans to dip into Jackstaff to fish a marsh lined bank. We had brought fly gear and spin gear and Paul started out tossing a Clouser on an intermediate line, blind casting to the bank and making excellent casts. We worked the entire bank and about half way through switched to a
sinking Shrimp fly on a floating line, but nothing induced a strike. I had Paul switch to a live shrimp and jig and BOOM! Fish on the first cast! Paul patiently played the fish and landed a nice keeper sized Flounder. As we finished out the stretch, Paul landed a few Seatrout as he bounced his jig on the bottom. We ran through Jackstaff to the other side of Horsehead and down Nassau River just a ways and set up on the outside of two large marsh runouts. Paul had a few hits there but when we got up to some old oysters the fishing got hot. He began to hookup with one feisty Redfish after another, with a Trout thrown in on occasion. We bumped up one more marsh rounout, got another Trout  and then found a big Flounder to add to the catch. Our next stop was up at some docks at Seymore's Pointe but all we caught were a couple of Pin Fish. We bounced across the river and fished a large outflow in deeper water and we added another Trout (Paul had long since tallied an Amelia Island Back Country Slam). After fishing that stretch up to Bubblegum Reef, we called it a day, another great one to be fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida.

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