Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Fly Fishing Shrimp Pattern

Last week I fished with a guest who wanted to fly fish here at Amelia Island, Florida. He was making excellent casts with a "shrimp fly" (right) that I had tied in years past. We had a good tide but we were getting no takers. Luckily, he was open to tossing a live shrimp on a spinning rod and wouldn't you know it, BOOM! Redfish on the first cast. He went on to catch  a few handfuls of feisty Reds and a couple of Slot sized fish and some nice Seatrout. So why wouldn't they eat the fly? If the Reds were relying on smell then there's not a whole lot I can do about that other than squeeze some scent on the fly. There's a chance the fly was getting pulled out of the zone too fast so I think I'll try a longer leader and maybe invest in a sinking line (we were using a floating line at the time). And then I got to thinking I needed to tie a fly that at least resembled a live shrimp color. So I stopped by the fly shop this morning and here's what I came up with:


Here's the "recipe" for my Live Shrimp:

1/0 O’Shaunesy Hook
Grey Thread
(2) Mono Shrimp Eyes
(2) Copper tentacles
Brush and Wing Fibre -grey/natural
1” Stream Brush streamer material – natural
Scuplture flash – natural,
Large Dumbbell eye
Tan Marabou
.025 lead

Tying Instructions:
Place hook in vice with point down.
Wrap thread at bend and then up to eye.
Tie on dumbbell eye at hook eye on top of hook.
Tie in about a ¼” of .025 lead behind dumbbell
Roll hook over. Behind dumbbell, tie on clump of tan marabou, hanging over hook eye. Trim to   
       make “tail” of shrimp.
Roll hook over. Wrap thread back to bend of hook.
Tie on mono shrimp eyes on each side of hook. Place a drop of glue between eyes at hook and let 
      dry to keep eyes spread out. Glue thread and lead and dumbbell, too.
Tie on tentacles, hanging out from bend of hook.
Tie on clump of Sculpture flash hanging out from bend of hook to form head
Tie on small clump of Brush and Wing Fibre hanging out from bend of hook to form horn.
Tie on Stream and Brush streamer material
Wrap thread to dumbbell eyes.
Wrap Stream and Brush forward to dumbbell eyes, tie off, cut.
Whip finish., glue


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