Saturday, February 10, 2018

Grabbing Sheepshead Bragging Rights

I fished this afternoon too, this time with Dennis and Barb Lockard, and leaving out of the Sawpit ramp. The morning fog had lifted and it was turning out to be a beautiful day. We ran up the Nassau River and straight to Broward Island to catch the first of an incoming tide. Dennis was on the bow fishing the first pocket with a jig and live shrimp and wasn't having much success when he felt a light bump, set the hook, and FISH ON! This fish went deep and was ripping drag but Dennis kept the pressure on. I thought for sure, "Redfish", the way it was pulling but as Dennis fought it to
the surface we saw that it was a really nice sized Sheepshead. Dennis worked it expertly to the net and we landed  big 19.5" Sheepshead, the biggest of the year on the Anglers Mark, and set the standard for the 2018 Bragging Rights Tournament (scroll down the right side of this report for standings). We continued to fish the bank and began to pick up some Seatrout, fairly regularly with a couple being of keeper size.

When the bite slowed we made the run back to Seymore's Pointe
and fished  some dock pilings. Although the bite wasn't on fire, the two angles did pick up a few Seatrout.

Our final stop was in Christopher Creek. It only took a few minutes and Dennis had put feisty Redfish in the boat. We worked our way around a bend, found another Red, then it was Barbara's turn to fight a big fish. We'd had a good hookup and this fish was intent on getting tangled in some structure but Barb kept the pressure on and soon landed a Slot sized 22" Redfish.  He/she must have put out the alert because that was the last fish we caught for the rest of the trip! But the skies had cleared, the sun was out, and we counted it as another great day to be fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida

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