Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Last Minute Big Trout

It was an outstandingly beautiful morning today - sunshine, slightly cool, and very little wind - and an awesome day to be fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida. I had met Trace Hayes and his son Wyatt up at the Dee Dee Bartels Park boat ramp and we ran west and up to the outside of Tiger with plans to fish the incoming tide. We worked the flooded marsh grass with float rigs and live shrimp and picked up a couple of feisty Redfish. We had one big fish on but there's a reason he's big..he nosed down in the oysters and cut the line, OUCH!

We ran thru Tiger and around to Bell River and
fished some flooding oysters but had only a couple of bites, no takers. Our next stop was down at Piney Island where we fished some docks with jigs and shrimp and again, no takers. We then slipped thru some oysters and fished a shallow area and here both anglers had some action. Wyatt hooked up with a strong fish, had a brief fight, and BAP, fish off - another one that cut off on the oysters. Trace picked up a small Trout then as we worked around the edge he had a good bite and this was a big fish. He patiently fought it to the boat and landed a nice 19" fat Seatrout. Now that's the way to wrap up a beautiful day of fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida

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