Thursday, May 17, 2018

Stormy Fishing

I've gotten wet the last 3 days fishing and it's dampened me and it seems, the fishing!  Yesterday I fished with Matthew and Emily Cannon, meeting them at the Dee Dee Bartels Park.  We fished float rigs outside of Tiger (and Matthew tossed the fly rod) but had no real bites. We bounced around to Bell River where Matthew picked up a Seatrout that was right at legal size but then again, no more bites. We fished the Tiger logs where Emily had a good bite, a hookup, but it threw the hook!  That happened 2-3 more times as we fished the Jolley River Bank, Snook Creek, MOA and the Bell River Docks. Tough fishing as some severe thunderstorms rolled in!

Today I fished with Bob Blalock and we were seriously handicapped with no live bait. Our first stop was to throw out a minnow trap then we fished cut-bait and Gulp Shrimp along Broward Island, but had no bites.  After checking the trap (skunked there!) we came back -made a pit stop at Goffinsville to get out of a rainstorm - then on to Seymore's Pointe, fished some docks with some dead shrimp and with overcast skies, decided to toss a topwater lure. Bob was working it perfectly and at one point had a couple of fish "spit" at it, rather aggressively, but not aggressive enough! After trying our luck for Mangrove Snapper we made one last stop at Christopher Creek and finally, Bob hooked up with a fat keeper sized Seatrout (released) and then a huge Jack Crevalle. 

March's temperature fluctuations, April's winds and this weeks rain storms will hopefully give way to some great fishing here at Amelia Island.....soon!

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